NAWAFID AL-AWALI TRADING & CONTRACTING CO. LTD., is a highly reputed and well established Joint Stock Limited Company incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which commenced its operations in 2003. It is registered to carry out Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation (CMEI) works in the construction of buildings, refineries, petro-chemical plants, industrial plants, district cooling plants, cross-country pipelines, power transmission lines, power plants, substations and other related facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is head quartered in Riyadh.

NAAC, with its steady development and growth since its inception, is today considered as one of the most promising EPC contractors in the region. NAAC has professional expertise in all industrial, architectural, infrastructure, energy related fields and the electromechanical discipline. All the projects undertaken by NAAC are executed with its high quality and expert management and a work force dedicated to their work.

Through its rich resources coupled with the financial strength, effective operational system, extensive experience in the field of construction and engineering as well as the high quality technical and managerial staff, NAAC understands all challenges posed by new projects regardless of the size or complexity of the project. NAAC is committed to competitive prices and compliance to all quality standards executed in the safest manner.

Continuous updation and improvement in its operation / execution systems, equipment, information technology system and management control system is another commitment of NAAC to maximize the efficiency for successful and satisfactory completion of projects in both schedule and budget.

Our Mission

Our business is dedicated to providing the highest customer satisfaction.

NAAC will provide quality services which includes construction of Buildings, Fabrication, installation and testing of Pipelines, Steel structures, District Cooling Plants, supply and Installation of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment ⁄ Machinery, HVAC System, Fire Alarm and Fire Extinguishing system, Electrical & Instrumentation items and maintenance that will meet or exceed our customers’ present and future requirements.

We promise to meet all statutory Safety and Environmental regulations to ensure the safety of our employees and discharge our responsibility to society.

Our Vision

To be the leading contractor in the kingdom by helping our clients to achieve success through our dedicated service.

Our Concept

Quality, Sincerity and dedication to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy and Management Commitment

The management of NAAC understands the high cost associated with the delivery of a product or service that does not confirm to the requirement, in today’s highly competitive market. NAAC has adopted a policy of “Do it right the first time”. NAAC is committed to providing consistently good quality products and services in order to establish a strong relationship with the clients and to enhance the company’s reputation. With this in mind, NAAC has adopted a quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.

NAAC’s quality policy aims to achieve total customer satisfaction and expectations at an acceptable standard / level. It is the company policy to provide all customers with a product and / or service that meet or exceeds the contractual and applicable regulatory requirements.

To this effect, NAAC has developed its comprehensive Quality Manual which guides each project site in developing its own specific quality document. Since every project is unique, the Quality Management System requires that each project has its own Quality Plans. These unique Quality Plans supported by client – approved Inspection and test plans identify all the witness and hold points of the construction processes and records the participation for every test and inspection.

The Quality Management System examines the current process and services offered, to evaluate the value added to these processes / services and to identify the potential for new processes / services. It measures, through various benchmarks, our performance and thus provides a cyclic measurement of continual performance improvement.

Organization Chart

Manpower Resource

1. Chairman and Managing Director 1 Saudi
2. General Manager 2 Indian
3. Project Director 1 Indian
4. Marketing Director 1 Indian
5. Finance Controller 1 Syria
6. Project Managers 2 Various
7. Civil Engineers 1 Indian
8. Mechanical Engineer 2 Various
9. Electrical Engineer 3 Various
10. Planning Engineer 1 Indian
11. HSE Officer 1 Indian
12. QA/QC Manager 1 Indian
13. Administrative Manager 1 Egyptian
14. QA/QC Supervisor/Assistants 2 Various
15. Welding Engineer 1 Indian
16. Safety Supervisor 2 Various
17. Procurement Manager 1 Indian
18. Purchaser 1 Indian
19. Supervisor/Foremen - Mechanical 1 Indian
20. Supervisor/Foremen - E & I 1 Indian
21. Supervisor/Foremen - Civil 1 Indian
22. Quantity Surveyors 1 Indian
23. Storekeepers 1 Indian
1. Pipe Fitters 10 Indians/Bangladeshi
2. Mechanical Fitters / Fabricators 6 Indian
3. Electricians 15 Indian
4. Technicians 10 Indian
5. Welders 15 Bangladeshi
6. Erectors 20 Pakistani/Bangladeshi
7. Helpers 25 Indian
8. Labours 20 Indian/Bangladeshi
9. Drivers 4 Pakistani

Equipment Resource

1. Underground utility detector Each 2
2. Jack Hammer & Hoses Set 6
3. Rebar cutting machine Each 4
4. Rebar bending machine Each 4
5. Shears for steel sheets Each 1
6. Bending and Rolling Machine Each 1
7. Lock Forming Machine Each 1
8. Rivet Gun Each 3
9. Gas cutting torch Set 10
10. DA Cylinders Each 25
11. Oxygen cylinders Each 50
12. Argon Cylinders Each 10
13. Pug cutting machine Set 2
14. Welding Rectifier 400 A Each 10
15. TIG Welding machine Each 4
16. Gas Welding machine Each 2
17. MIG Welding machine Each 2
18. Liquid Cooled Induction heating machine 35 kW Set 6
19. Welding generator Each 3
20. Job rotator Each 2
21. Threading machine Each 1
22. Grooving machine Each 1
23. Pipe bending machine - hydraulic Set 2
24. Chain pulley blocks 2 MT - 20 MT Each 50
25. Lever chain hoist Each 10
26. Travelling chain pulley block 5 MT Each 4
27. Pulling and Lifting (Hook Chook) machine 3 MT Each 6
28. Hydraulic pancake jacks 10 MT Each 8
29. Load skates 20MT Each 9
30. Mobile Capstan winch 5MT Set 1
31. Cable rollers Each 500
32. Cable drum Jack 20MT Set 2
33. Hydraulic crimping tools upto 1000 Set 4
34. Hydraulic cable cutter Set 2
35. Megger 5 kV Each 1
36. Earth resistance tester Each 1
37. Clamp-on ammeters Each 15
38. Hammer drilling machine Each 6
39. Straight and angle grinding machine Each 20
40. Cutting machine Each 2
41. Pipe bevel machine Each 1
42. Air compressor Each 2
43. Scaffolding Sq.m. 4000
44. Ladders Each 35
45. High pressure pump (for pipe hydro testing) Each 2
46. Ductor Each 4
47. DFT meter Each 4
48. Sound level meter Each 3
1. DC Pick-up Each 6
2. Sedan cars Each 4
3. SUV Each 4
4. Toyota Dyna Each 4
5. Skidsteer (Bobcat) with attachments Each 6
6. Forklifts Each 3
7. Manlifts Each 2
8. Dump trucks Each 6
9. Bus - 55 seater Each 2
10. Mini bus Each 4
11. Shovel Each 2
12. Hydraulic crane 32 MT Each 1
13. Hydraulic crane 50 MT Each 1
14. Compactor Each 2
15. Sound proof genset 50 kVA Each 4

Experience Details

1. Azmeel Contracting Company ITCC Project, Riyadh (Ongoing)
2. Larsen & Toubro ATCO Saudi JUBAIL
3. SK Engineering & Construction Company Ltd. WASIT Gas Plant, Khursaniya, Jubail
4. Technical Contracting Co. All Over KSA
5. CTCI Arabia Ltd. Ibn Rushed II U&O DBN Project, SABIC, Yanbu
6. GSK Engineering and Construction All Over KSA
7. Samsung Saudi Arabia Company Ltd. Luberef Yanbu Refinery Expansion Project, Yanbu
8. Sinopec E&C Middle East Co. Ltd. PET-II SSEC Project
9. Power System Contracting Co. Various Projects, Riyadh
10. Al Tawleed Energy and Power Co. 3x300 MW IWPP Project, Shuaibah

Azmeel Contracting Company

Azmeel Contracting Company
Azmeel Contracting Company

Larsen & Toubro Atco Saudi

Larsen & Toubro Atco Saudi
Larsen & Toubro Atco Saudi

Technical Contracting Company

Technical Contracting Company

Ctci Arabia Ltd

Ctci Arabia Ltd

Gsk Engineering And Construction

Gsk Engineering And  Construction

Sk Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd

Sk Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd
Sk Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd
Sk Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd

Samsung Saudi Arabia

Samsung Saudi Arabia
Samsung Saudi Arabia

Sinopec E & C Mibddle East Co. Ltd

Sinopec E & C Mibddle East Co. Ltd
Sinopec E & C Mibddle East Co. Ltd
Sinopec E & C Mibddle East Co. Ltd

Vendor Registration

Vendor Registration
Vendor Registration

Health, Safety And Environmental Policy

NAAC’s management is committed and understands that the safety and health of its employees is of paramount importance to it. NAAC is committed to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment and to promote safe working practices in its entire operational areas and work execution processes. It is the management’s responsibility to safeguard the health and safety of all its employees and personnel within its work area.

For NAAC, safety takes precedence over all other considerations during project execution. All the employees will be involved in the implementation of the safety procedures. The management shall generate continual efforts for the improvement and prevention of occupational hazards, through setting of measureable means by adopting benchmarks against the established organizational goals, objectives and targets. NAAC management will review and monitor the performance periodically to ensure the effectiveness of the safety management system.

It is the duty of the management to ensure that adequate staff, funds and materials resources are available to meet the safety requirements at all times.

Commercial Registration  sm

Commercial Registration Certificate

Naac Est Commercial

Naac Est. Commercial Registration Certificate

Membership And Contractor

Membership And Contractor Classification Certificate

Zakat Certificate

Zakat Certificate

Gosi Certificate

Gosi Certificate

Banker’s Details

Banker’s Details


  • Azmeel Contracting Company

    ITCC Project, Riyadh (Ongoing)

  • Larsen & Toubro ATCO Saudi


  • SK Engineering & Construction Company Ltd.

    WASIT Gas Plant, Khursaniya, Jubail

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