Eco Land and Sea absorbents

Eco Land and Sea has a universal feature meaning it absorbs all kinds of spill, such as petrol, diesel, oil, paint, blood and urine etc and it also eliminates bad odor/smell. Eco Land and Sea is the product for any organisation or company who is conscious how it spends its money and has a future minded and serious environment policy. Industries, Hospitals, Police and Fire Brigades, Sanitary companies, Petrol Stations and Garages, Harbors and Wharfs and many other sectors benefits from using Eco Land and Sea.

  • • Eco Land and Sea has a high absorption capacity, it absorbs directly and it is highly efficient due to its strong capillary effect. It is also very easy to collect.
  • • Eco Land and Sea reduces the need to store alternative absorbents and also reduces the cleaning cost with its ability to handle different wastes.
  • • Eco Land and Sea has low weight and therefore is easy to transport and work with.
  • • Eco Land and Sea does not leak after absorption, the spill is effectively encapsulated.
  • • Eco Land and Sea is odourless and it also binds smells and gases from the spill that are being cleaned.